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The Role of Mathematics in a Business Degree

Why is ‘Mathematics’ given so much importance across the globe? A plausible answer is that mathematics is very important for many day-to-day functions and a requirement for many jobs and careers. As much as this is true, I feel that the answer to the question goes beyond this. I was recently reading a blog by […]

5CS019 – Object Oriented Design and Programming

By Kassandra Calleja Object-Oriented Programming is a programming ideology based on the concept of object classes, which contain data and code, related to real-life objects that a system is concerned with. This approach is well-suited for the development of programs that are large and complex; hence knowledge of Object-Oriented Design and Object-Oriented programming is essential […]


By Derek Lee D’Amato Most of the time the first thing that came to mind about electronic commerce or e-business is shopping online. However, this includes many other activities related to business trading. Some categories related to e-Business yes includes business to consumers (B2C) and others between businesses on the Web known as B2B. In […]

5CS027 – Techniques for Games Development

By Dr. Ing. Clifford De Raffaele The module of Techniques for Games Development aims to further students’ knowledge and capabilities in developing interactive and engaging game environments by providing an in-depth understanding of the underlying physics and algorithms regulating game logic. This provides learners with the ability to capitalize further on their understanding of navigation, […]

5CS018 – Cybersecurity Architecture and Operations

By Josef Pullicino “Cybersecurity is a popular buzzword being used in today’s world of employment and beyond. Companies are getting momentum into getting their products and services online, as part of their digital transformation journey. This significant initiative brings along multiple added services as well as caveats especially from a security point of view and […]

6MK014 – The Digital Marketing Consultant

By Anthony Padovani The importance of marketing in a dynamic business environment has evolved from the use of traditional channels of communication such as TV, Radio and Newspapers to the digital realm such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and many others. Engaging with customers in order to build brand awareness and promote products and services requires […]

6MG001 – Organisation Behaviour

By Corinne Fenech Have you ever considered organisations as simply a group of people who come together to achieve particular goals? Think about it, they are. But the wonder is that people achieve together much more than the sum of what individuals can accomplish on their own. People come together and form organisations for all […]

Office Solutions Development

By Andrew Caruana Since the early 1990 Microsoft products have become part of every domain. However, few are capable of unlocking their power and magic.  Within the Office Solutions Development module, STC Higher Education students explore this and work towards becoming masters of the Microsoft Office Suite, mainly Word, Excel, and Access.  Within the module, […]

Software Development Techniques

By Andrew Caruana The Software Development Techniques module is designed to train students to get to a problem’s solution using the various tools programming languages provide.   This is achieved by discussing the theoretical aspect of the subject and various exercises, which help students build experience and knowledge through reason.  The module’s structure, supported by the […]

Introduction to programming

By Andrew Caruana The software development sector has been booming for the past twenty-five years or so and it does not seem like it is going to slow down any time soon. On the contrary.  Here at STC Higher Education, we are confident of this, and make sure that our students too understand the broadness […]