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*Part Time course duration: 6 Months

Why choose this course?

This course investigates the technologies behind games development including hardware (consoles, input devices) and software games engines. It also covers the mathematics and physics required to create believable agents, non-player characters (NPCs) and virtual worlds inside a computer game.

This equips you to play a valuable role as part of a games development team in the games industry and enables you to develop your own ideas into a marketable product.

The course has the same foundations and principles of our main Computer Science Award, integrating computer language tools, techniques and methodologies. Additionally we will prepare you with the key skills needed to keep abreast of future developments.

Potential Career Paths

Graduates from this course can expect to open up a career in the games industry such as games programmer/developer. In addition, the course can lead to a career as a real-time 3D programmer in many industries, such as construction, architecture, design and engineering.
Furthermore, a Computer Science degree is an internationally respected qualification which can lead you into such careers as:
  • Software Developer
  • Programmer
  • Software Tester
  • Software Engineer
Our graduates have progressed to careers in a wide range of organisations and institutions across the country and internationally.
Successful completion of the course will also allow you to continue your studies at postgraduate level.

What happens on this course?

Our course combines the core subjects of computer science with the opportunity to develop additional skills in the area of games development.  

Programming is an essential requirement for all computer scientists and games developers, and you will be developing your skills in this area throughout your course. You will begin with the fundamentals of programming and problem solving, and build on this through subjects such as object oriented analysis, design and programming, software development and systems programming. In addition to your games development studies, you will also learn about computer graphics and artificial intelligence. In your final year, your studies will culminate in the development of a computer games related project.

You will also engage in studies focused on developing your academic and employability skills and you will be offered the opportunity to undertake a placement year where you gain invaluable experience in the workplace before returning to complete your final year. Many students have found this to be a real asset when it comes to finding a job after graduation.

What skills will you gain?

This course will enable you to master the essential facts, concepts, principles, theories and practices of computer science.

You will develop expertise in the design, implementation and evaluation of software systems accross a variety of platforms, tasks and environments.

You will also be able to demonstrate an understanding of the structure of a computer game, specifically regarding the software development process and relevant computational aspects.

Your studies will enable you to combine technical understanding with relevant methodologies to build and test a computer game.

At the end of this course, you will be able to gather, analyse and interpret information from a range of sources and to devise solutions to problems based on evidence, which you will be able to implement and evaluate. You will develop the skills you need to effectively communicate your findings and to work both independently and as part of a team.

Our course will prepare you to apply the personal, organisational and professional skills, necessary for self-learning, that are essential for continuing professional development within the worldwide Computing Industry.