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*Part Time course duration: 6 Months

Why choose this course?

This course provides you with the knowledge and understanding of the activities required to manage a business, and to ensure that it prospers, in a dynamic global business environment. The course emphasises the role of marketing in underpinning the success of business organisations, while placing this role in the context of other business functions such as finance and Human Resource Management. The course will also help you understand the various types of environment within which a business operates. This will involve investigating issues such as the types of competition that a business will face from their rivals, being aware of the role of stakeholders in the operation of a business and considering how changes in society may impact on the market for a product. The content of the course will be delivered using a wide range of approaches and you will be encouraged to use e-learning forums to interact with staff and other students.

You will have the opportunity to advance your ICT skills through the use of application software and digital technologies. The diversity of topic areas covered in the study programme will allow you to develop your own understanding of collective responsibilities as global citizens within local, national, and international communities.

In addition students who complete this BA (Hons) will have gained sufficient credits to progress on to the CIM Level 7 Chartered Professional Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing.

Potential Career Paths

Students who successfully complete the course are expected to enhance their job prospects and strengthen their employment opportunities. The course is designed to prepare students for career opportunities in a variety of marketing related areas including product and brand management, account management, sales promotion, marketing research, advertising, interactive marketing and customer relationships within manufacturing, retailing, and service sectors.

As an accredited Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) centre, the course has been designed to obtain exemptions from CIM qualifications. On successful completion of the BA (Hons) Business and Marketing Management course students will be able to get exemption from the CIM Professional Certificate in Marketing and subject to fulfilling certain requirements will further be able to get exemption from the CIM Professional Diploma in Marketing.

Graduates from this course will be able to continue to complete the CIM professional qualifications or study our MSc Marketing course. The wide range of relevant skills gained by the end of the course would provide you with opportunities to progress into various business and marketing management positions.

What Skills will you gain?

At the end of this course you, the student, will be able to:

  1. Critically evaluate the application of concepts and principles of marketing and business to a wide range of business organisations and situations.
  2. Interpret the interaction of business organisations with the changing external environment in which they operate.
  3. Formulate, implement, and evaluate marketing plans, models, relationships, tasks, and roles within complex and dynamic domestic and global business environments.
  4. Critically analyse marketing and business information from a range of national and international sources.
  5. Debate the ethical and moral dimensions of marketing management and business practices.