6BE005 Strategic Business

By Dr. Ing. Ronald Cuschieri

Strategic management is associated with the management of key resources of any organization since it gives the direction and values to pursue its objectives and challenges at both the corporate level and across all strategic business units with their functional strategies. The module exposes the student and guides him/her to understand through a structured approach, how in practice, with references to various sectors both within the manufacturing and service sectors, one deploys various strategic conceptual frameworks. The approach is based on the strategic management extant literature, with reference to both seminal and latest literature, so as to situate the organization, from both an internal and external perspective. Such a learning experience will enable a student to understand all the drivers behind the business strategy based on both an academic and practitioner perspective. The student will learn about various academic strategic management frameworks so that the workplace ongoing experience and strategic decisions, can be critically reviewed and evaluated through a sound knowledge of strategic management.  Dedicated attention is given to understanding the business mission, objectives, culture, and all the domestic and international processes being used, which incorporates various disciplines and concepts, such as human resources, marketing, financial, technology, quality and supply chain management among others fields, that establish the course/s of action/s. Furthermore, the candidate will learn how to apply his/her strategic management skills through a level of innovation and creativity in the running of a business within a triple bottom line perspective. The learning experience is based on weekly formative assessments, to gradually apply the academic theories to practice so as to build holistic strategic management within a business by the end of the course. The course achieves such a holistic objective with a summative assignment, derived from all formative assessments, so as to apply that what is learnt is applied to the case study selected according to your liking or applied to your workplace, which will also include a critical literature review with various citations to situate the learning experience both within the academic arena and the practitioner competitive environment.