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Get an internationally recognised degree from the UK University of Wolverhampton in Malta!

STC Higher Education is proud to be partners with the University of Wolverhampton, a highly commended university in the UK. The students who start their journey at STC studying for an NCC Education diploma in Business or Computing, will have a direct progression routes to degrees under one roof. This partnership opens up a number of new opportunities for students who are located in Malta and are interested in pursuing a degree in Business or Computing.  Students who opt for a Business Management degree can opt to specialize in Marketing or Human Resources. The Computing degrees offer students the possibility to choose between Cybersecurity or Computer Science, with the possibility of specializing in Games Development.

As a result of these partnerships, STC Higher Education has become an important local hub for people who are seriously contemplating a professional career in Management or Computing. Individuals wishing to study in order to change their career prospects into professionals seeking top-class qualifications in IT or management. The reason why STC Higher Education has become Malta’s most trusted choice is because of its commitment to quality and professionalism. We do not only look at the academic aspects but also pride ourselves in taking a personal interest in our students. Both our staff and tutors are always ready to assist our students in attaining the best from their experience with STC Higher Education.

Why Study in Malta?

Studying in Malta

About Malta

Malta is situated in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, located 90km south of Sicily and 270km from the North African coast. Malta is famous for its pleasantly sunny climate, spectacular rocky and sandy beaches and thriving nightlife, not to mention a rich historical timeline stretching back over 7,000 years. There is no island that better represents the merging of traditions, cultures and modern living than Malta, which is why its reputation as the perfect island for studying is growing. Malta has two official languages -Maltese and English.

Combining a vast open-air museum, with no less than three UNESCO World Heritage Sites and seven Megalithic temples, the island is as famous for its scenery as its history. The island has changed exponentially over the last few decades to become a top destination for overseas companies, students, tourists and retirees. Studying in Malta has become more accessible, with rapid expansion of top IT services, communication networks, accommodation and other facilities. Malta is establishing itself as a key player in Europe for new businesses and especially online gaming.

Malta gained EU membership in 2004, which further facilitated ease of studying. Obtaining a visa is more straight forward, flights are frequent and can be caught from many of Europe’s biggest airports. The vast majority of the local population speaks English fluently, so language presents no barrier to students.

Facts About Malta

Population: 442,000

Density: 1380 per square kilometer

Surface area: 246 square kilometers

Official languages: Maltese and English

Currency: Euro

Capital: Valletta

Religion: Roman Catholicism is the state religion however freedom of religion is guaranteed as a constitutional right

Why study at STC?


STC opened has been in operation since 1997. STC diplomas are conferred by NCC Education, regulated by Ofqual as a leading British awarding body. Moreover, STC works closely with UK University of Wolverhampton where students can opt to top up their diploma in specialised Business and Computing fields. Our lecturers are some of the best in the business – friendly, experienced, full of ideas and experts in their subjects. Above all, they are committed to helping you unlock your full potential.

UK Degree Pathway

Following a diploma with STC is the first step towards achieving your Undergraduate degree and Postgraduate. STC works closely with UK universities where students can opt to top up their diploma in specialized fields in Computing and Business.


We understand that choosing the right accommodation and activities during your stay in Malta can be overwhelming. That’s why we’re here to help you navigate your options and make informed decisions. From application to accommodation, we’re here to help.


At STC we believe that diversity is an asset.  We are proud to say that over the past few years we welcomed students from over 30 nationalities and various religions.

Employment Potential

Upon successful completion of your course, we can help you achieve your dream career. Studying for a UK degree in Malta can open up opportunities for internships, work placements, and even future career options in the EU. With a reputable name amongst local employers, our students are highly sought after within the industry.

Cost Savings

Reading for this course in Malta instead of the UK means lower costs, warmer weather, and a much easier time with your VISA application. In fact, to date, we have a 98% success rate for our student cohorts with the VISA process.

How can I apply for a Visa?

Students who require a student visa are advised to contact their nearest Maltese embassy or High Commission for their respective countries for information on student visas. For more information about applying for a visa kindly contact our team and we will provide you with all the necessary information required.

Non-EU Nationals

Non-EU nationals need to apply for a visa regardless of the length of time spent in Malta. Contact your closest Maltese or in charge of Malta embassy for more information.

EU Nationals

Students from the EU countries do not need an entry visa.

In addition to the visa application form, a valid travel document and two (2) passport-size photographs, applicants need to produce the following documentation:

  • A certificate of a reserved flight itinerary.
  • Cash in convertible currency/bank statement
  • Cheque books for a foreign currency account, or
  • Credit cards, or
  • any other means that guarantees funds in hard currency.
  • A letter of acceptance from the educational institution indicating entitlement to admission and details on the course being undertaken.
  • Proof of tuition fee paid
  • Sponsorship letter and sponsor’s ID
  • Hotel reservation or reservation for a similar establishment, or where third-country national states that he/she shall stay at a person’s home or in an institution, the applicant must present a written declaration by the host which vouches for the host’s commitment to accommodate (accommodation contract letter). The diplomatic mission and consular posts will verify such declarations, where such checks are necessary.
  • A valid Travel Insurance policy.

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