Business Degree Pathways

Why choose a Business Degree Pathway?

By choosing to study a business course at STC Higher Education, in partnership with NCC and the University of Wolverhampton, you can develop targeted skills in your specific field including entrepreneurial, project management, digital literacy and communication skills.

Our degrees in Business Management, with possible specialisation in Human Resources or Marketing, are designed to equip you with the fundamentals needed for management roles in any sector of commerce. The experience you pick up during the course, irrespective of which pathway you opt for, can be utilised on any scale you choose.

Throughout the course you will learn from professionals and gain vital industry experience by having ample opportunity to apply your theoretical learning to practical activities.

Potential Career Paths

Every industry requires strong leaders, managers, financial advisors and market-savvy decision-makers, and job growth in the banking and financial sectors, consultancy, human resources and marketing roles remains positive and consistent. Mobility within the labour market is one of the most distinctive advantages graduates in business possess: a business degree, equipped with the right disposition and good results, can land you a job in any industry.

If you decide to pursue more traditional routes such as accounting or finance, your job may involve reviewing your company’s financial situation both past and present; advising clients and colleagues on tax and expenditure; consulting on investment opportunities; managing records and business transactions; playing a role in mergers and acquisitions; to taking responsibility for preventing bad practice as well as fraud and negligence. Graduate careers with a business degree include roles within auditing, banking, communications, distribution, energy and utilities, hospitality and leisure, IT, insurance, journalism, law, logistics, manufacturing, media administration, production management, public relations, the public sector and defense, risk management and tax.