Spotlight on:

Rebecca Cachia

What are you studying/doing for your career at the moment and how do you feel your time at STC helped you get to where you are now?

I had joined STC Higher Education at the start of 2019 where I started the Level 4 Diploma in Computing which I have now completed some time ago. Currently, I am going through my Advanced Diploma Level 5 in Computing (Cybersecurity).
I currently work as an ICT Support Assistant within the Maltese Public Service which is the first scale you can get in the ICT industry within the Public Service. Thanks to STC Higher Education I have completed my first steps towards helping me go up the ladder towards the next step in the field, an ICT Support Officer. With the help of STC, I have a chance to even go beyond that!

Would you recommend STC to students considering a career in computing and business, if yes, why?
From my personal experiences during the past two years and counting, I have always recommended STC to my fellow colleagues and friends who wanted to get a chance to achieve their goals when it came to getting qualifications and a better career. I have found the system and the administration quite helpful and supportive throughout this journey. Further to that, the material that we are provided with as students is more than enough and sufficient to undergo any assignment or exam, including access to an online library which I have found very useful in the past. The staff and administration have been there for me through all the tough times I have endured, especially during the pandemic. I have not only found guidance but I also always found a person to talk to and listen whenever I was in need. To that end, I thank them every day. STC gave me the confidence to grow both as a person and in my career, which was always something that worried me.

What position do you see yourself in the next 5 years?
With their help in the next five year I see myself going into a higher grade within the Public Service such as a Systems Administrator or even a job within the private sector working in the field of Cybersecurity. I would like to thank STC Higher Education for the continuous support that I have been and still being given and the chances in improving myself throughout!