Spotlight on:

Dylan De’ Flavia

I took the Level 5 Diploma in Computing because…

Back in 2009, after having completed a level 4 diploma in Computer Engineering, I started working in the IT sector. Unfortunately, not having continued the degree pathway had left me unable to progress beyond a certain point. STC gave me the opportunity to further my studies and pursue the degree pathway on a part-time basis.

The Diploma course is helping me…

Nowadays I am a proud BSc. graduate and looking into specialising in a particular IT field. Pursuing this course not only enhanced my knowledge in the IT sector but also made me stand out of the crowd, and has helped me further my career with leading IT companies in Malta.

My lecturers…

Lectures at STC were always helpful and well trained, but what I particularly liked is the way they carried a lecture. Lectures were engaging and based on real life experiences of the lecturers – they didn’t just follow off the shelf text-book examples.

The best part of the course..

One of the best things about the course was its structure- it not only allowed me to continue with my studies while having a full time job, but it also provided me with ample time throughout each module to deliver assignments and prepare for the end of module exams to the best of my abilities.

The facilities at STC…

The surroundings and classrooms were always clean and equipped with all the items we needed for our lectures, including a canteen with good food and coffee to keep us going…

STC is great because….

The staff are invested in giving a bespoke Higher Education Campus experience, from the lectures tailored around current happenstance, to the flexibility and versatility of the course itself.

After I completed my course

Having completed my BSc I now seek to further my knowledge in databases through specialised courses in this field.

I would recommend this course…

I would recommend this course to anyone who wishes to follow the degree path, not only to obtain the certification but also to truly understand the fundamentals of Information Technology and appreciate the finer details. The course includes a vast range of IT topics which also helped me identify the areas in IT were I am best at – areas upon which I focused my subsequent studies.

My recommendation to someone who feels stuck with their education….

Time and effort will need to be dedicated for this course, and like most things in life the harder you work the greater the benefits… Having said that STC always provided me with the support required which enabled me to complete this level 5 Diploma.