Spotlight on:

Matthew Azzopardi Giappone

In 2016 I graduated with a first class degree in IT & Networking from Middlesex University Malta. My experience so far hasn’t been anything short of excellent! I have also been actively involved in the Student Union, where I help plan extracurricular activities and keep students engaged.

I took the Level 4 Diploma in Computing because…

I always wanted to find something I excel in. Five years ago, as I typed away my frustration over this with a friend over facebook, I realised my answer was right in front of my nose. Since then, I committed myself to computing.

I chose this particular course because…

Any reputable company embraces the fact that the computing industry is a key sector to invest in, but STC takes this to another step. STC offers a wide variety of courses including Diploma Level Courses which are industry renowned, thus ensuring a solid bedrock in both the IT and Business divisions.

The Diploma course helped me…

…expand my skill-set and gather all the necessary knowledge to further my studies in taking a specialised network-oriented BSc. degree at Middlesex University Malta. Following this, I have had numerous job opportunities which encouraged me to work even harder towards what I really wanted to achieve in my career.


Lecturers on campus always projected a more-than-welcome attitude and had such a positive approach towards the students making sure to provide them with constant guidance and support. Group work is still highly encouraged by mentors, which in return equips the students with the right tools for careers within the industry. This sets the right foundations to establish oneself both on a personal and also on a professional level.

The best part of the course

I like the fact that both coursework and curricula are so closely related with today’s industry which gives the student more insight about the latest security related threats and technologies found within the networking domain, especially when accompanied by practical lab sessions!

The facilities at STC

Lecture rooms are well equipped and pleasant to study in. The environment is well taken care of and kept to a high hygienic level. Needless to mention that coffee and lunch breaks are available at The Hub canteen, just the place to chat with friends, meet classmates and enjoy good coffee.

STC is great because….

…it paves the successful pathway to a professional career, be it in the Business sector or in the ever-growing IT division. STC Higher Education is the answer to all those who would like both practical and theoretical perspectives on either Business or IT careers.

After I complete my course…

I would very much like to take Android Development to further enhance my knowledge-base since I would very much like to develop smartphone apps as personal side-projects. To this day STC Higher Education is the only proud Maltese institution which is licensed to deliver the Android Development course.

My ideal job…

…would probably be a further specialisation in the technical side of what I do. I am on the way, so I am very happy.

My recommendation to someone who feels stuck with their education….

If you are truly willing to excel towards a professional career, do your utmost and let nothing stand in the way to hinder any of your capabilities.