Spotlight on:

Andrew Caruana

I took the Level 4 Diploma in Computing because…

Back in 2003 I left my higher secondary education to start working as a machine operator. I couldn’t stand the monotony of the job. I realised I needed something which challenges me, and I knew then that leaving school was my biggest mistake, since then I have been on the pursuit of making up for my shortcomings. STC gave me the opportunity I was looking for and I started studying on a part time basis.

I chose this particular course because…

I was always intrigued by computers, ever since my father got the first Pentium 2 home in 1998. I was not really sure what was happening and why but I could make this machine do tricks. I could format, install stuff and remove stuff somehow instinctively. Computers fascinated me, and I loved coming up with solutions, so I chose to continue on that path.

The diploma course is helping me…

12 years have passed since; I am a proud BSc in Internet Applications Development graduate and a current MSc student. I have had various job offers along the way and none of this would have been possible if I didn’t take that first step the IAD (International Diploma in Computer Studies) back then.

My lecturers…

Once you understand that a lecturer is not the army against you but someone who is giving you a hand to move upwards, you start seeing things from a totally different perspective. I obviously had my disagreements and frustrations throughout my studies but all the tutors I had throughout my years at STC were patient, knowledgeable and well trained to guide throughout the process.

The best part of the course

I believe that the course structure is amazing. At STC, two subjects are done over a period of months, giving students ample time for assignment work and exam preparation. Moreover, nothing is more satisfying than receiving hard-earned, great results.

On the facilities at STC

Coffees are always available, the surroundings are always clean and STC feels like home after all these years.

STC is great because…

I have seen growth in this place, not only personal and academic, but throughout the years STC has adapted to the fast, ever changing external environments. I’ve seen STC start from providing a few courses to what it is today; A higher education campus.

After I complete my course…

I believe that my next step would be Prince2 and/or Agile methodologies, a related job and a trip around the world, most probably.

My ideal job:

That would definitely by Project Management while lecturing. I just love working on things that have a start and finish date and are intense in between.

My recommendation to someone who feels stuck with their education:

If you’re ready to work hard and commit yourself to become who you want to be, STC will give you a head start.