Spotlight on:

Vanessa Mercieca

I have 10 ‘O’ levels and studied Marketing, Maltese and Home Economics at ‘A’ Level, together with five intermediate subjects. During my studies, I worked in sales.

I took the Level 4 Diploma in Business because…

I want to pursue a career in business. My eye is set on the degree in International Business administration conferred by Middlesex University Malta, and I had heard positive things about STC. I checked it out, and knew this was my next step.

I chose this particular course because…

I want the opportunity to work with and contribute to different companies across different fields. I wanted a skillset I can use in my life within and outside of my career.

The diploma course is helping me…

…be more open-minded in life, explore different fields, and most importantly – to take risks.

My lecturers

STC has the best lecturers. I have never had lecturers who are so keen on ensuring students understand the subjects. When I don’t understand, I feel comfortable enough to ask without hesitation. This has been an obstacle for me in the past, and it has definitely helped a lot.

The best part of the course

The course is structured well and in such a way as to give you the appropriate amount of time to work on assignments and study. The result? The opportunity to get As – which I am gunning for.

On the facilities at STC

The best facility for me is the library. It is so peaceful and quiet. I do most of my studying in the library. I also like that the canteen is always open, lecture rooms are all well equipped and the air-conditioning is available for cold and warm seasons of the year.

STC is great because…

The second you step inside the campus facilities, the level of investment and attention to detail is the first thing that strikes you. In this area, STC has distinguished itself.

After I complete my course…

…I will move on to the second year which leads to the degree I wish to obtain: the Level 5 Diploma in Business. On completion of this I will gain direct entry to the BA(Hons) International Business Administration Degree conferred by Middlesex University Malta.

My ideal job

I aspire to become an administrative manager, an advertising manager, or a branch manager.

My recommendation to someone who feels stuck with their education…

I would recommend this course because it helps you approach academia from a different angle – at STC, students become scholars, and lecturers become mentors.