STC to host ADHD Malta

Maltese adult ADHD-ers (individuals with Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder) are currently not served by any specific, tailored services in Malta and still experience lack of awareness and stigmatisation in their everyday environment. To help address this, ADHD Malta is organising an innovative training programme, ‘The ADHD Adult Coaching Approach’, from Monday, 7 November, 2016, to Friday, 18 November, 2016, at STC Higher Education in Pembroke, thanks to project co-financing from the Malta Community Chest Fund.

The course is suitable for various professions, including educators, special needs staff, human resource managers, sports coaches, nurses and mental health staff, social workers and counsellors.

The ADHD Adult Coaching Approach builds a ‘coach’ skills set consisting of: effective and supportive communication strategies, situation analysis and identification of strengths and challenges. It then offers methods and models for productive collaboration with an ADHD adult (or any individual).

The course consists of: a literature list, 30 hours of lectures and workshops with course trainer, Ms Marie Enbäck, and a final community service assignment (with a February 2017 deadline). A certificate from ADHD Malta and the trainer will be given to the participants who achieve 90% attendance and successfully complete the assignment (NCFHE accreditation will be applied for but cannot be guaranteed at this stage).

Ms Enbäck, an ADHD Adult Coach, has run her own practice since 2008, after graduating from the ADD Coaching Academy (USA). Alongside coaching, she has organised conferences on ADHD for professionals with international expert speakers.

She runs a non-profit network for people with ADHD and professionals and has engagements in and out of Sweden as an independent consultant. Over the past three years she has been managing a project for adult ADHD-ers in Norway. In that project Ms Enbäck wrote the study material for ADHD Adult Group Coaching, and also led the groups herself.
The documentation and the conclusions from these groups certainly indicate that ADHD Coaching can lead to progress and a more fulfilling life for adults with ADHD.
Morning and evening courses are available. For further information, contact: [email protected] or