6MK014 – The Digital Marketing Consultant

By Anthony Padovani

The importance of marketing in a dynamic business environment has evolved from the use of traditional channels of communication such as TV, Radio and Newspapers to the digital realm such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and many others. Engaging with customers in order to build brand awareness and promote products and services requires that organizations reach out to such digital locations more commonly known as digital social platforms and social media. This module will enable students to understand how freelance digital marketing consultants make optimal use of social media, digital marketing tools and search engines in targeting and communicating with consumers. Organizations need to engage digital marketing consultants who are able to increase their website’s visibility based on reliable data extracted from digital marketing analytical tools.    The digital marketing knowledge, skills and competencies students gain in this unit will enable them to provide organizations with digital marketing consultancy services such as the use of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques, Keyword Research methods, Search Engine Marketing applications as well as Content Marketing. This unit provides a hands-on approach in furnishing students with the digital marketing capabilities that business owners look for in consultants entrusted with responsibilities relating to Strategic Digital Campaign Planning and Management, Social Media Marketing, Digital Analytics, Website Organic Growth, Definition of the Buyer Persona, Freelance Digital Marketing Skills among others.   Any student of business will find this unit of fundamental importance in forming an understanding of the wider picture of the present-day digital relationship and linkages that are found between organizations and their customers. This unit is the starting point for anyone considering becoming a successful digital marketing consultant within practically any field of the industry due to the flexibility and cross-industry applicability of digital marketing tools and techniques explored in this unit.