5CS018 – Cybersecurity Architecture and Operations

By Josef Pullicino

“Cybersecurity is a popular buzzword being used in today’s world of employment and beyond. Companies are getting momentum into getting their products and services online, as part of their digital transformation journey. This significant initiative brings along multiple added services as well as caveats especially from a security point of view and through the ever-increased use of social media.  It’s the norm of the day of receiving promotional emails from unknown or unidentified sources; others are to receive phone calls asking clients for sensitive data such as the bank account details; others would be part of a ransomware exercise where you would be asked to pay a hefty sum of money in order to unlock or recover specific data that might have been stolen before. These are all security realities and range in different shapes and forms, from trojans, phishing emails, to ransomware and dumpster diving with no end in sight for all the possible risks/threats that you might be engaged in the near future.  The cybersecurity Architecture and Operations module provides extensive knowledge and brings awareness to the cybersecurity landscape. It actually goes further beyond this, as it provides the necessary tools for threat modelling and risk management along with the different layers of the OSI model, including low-level networks and physical links. Security vulnerabilities can be exposed at any level so you are required to protect yourself and your company assets at all levels. The module provides different ways to secure the Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability triad through the various strategic, tactical and operational strategies. It sets the mindset for identifying the risk, mitigating and controlling it where it matters most as well as protecting yourself from the residual value left after any remediation plans.”