Software Development Techniques

By Andrew Caruana

The Software Development Techniques module is designed to train students to get to a problem’s solution using the various tools programming languages provide.   This is achieved by discussing the theoretical aspect of the subject and various exercises, which help students build experience and knowledge through reason.  The module’s structure, supported by the consistency of delivery, has helped STC Higher Education students gain great outcomes in past years.  The training methods used throughout the module are Pseudocode and Desk-checking; two techniques that require only pen and paper, rather than any specific programming language.  This helps students grasp the notion of writing code in English and thinking in a logical, rational manner without the complexity of the programming language itself.  Once students master these techniques, they will be able to design code structures that can be translated into most programming languages available today.  Within the classroom some practices such as starting and finishing a topic on the day and allowing at least one hour for guided practice has returned excellent results.  Also, whenever possible, challenge days are set up.  This gives a gamified experience while at the same time contributing to students’ growth.  Prior to embarking on a full fletched programming carrier, STC Higher Education makes sure that its students feel comfortable, confident, and empowered.  For this to be possible an exam is used to assess the students’ abilities and pushes them to achieve their best possible results.