Office Solutions Development

By Andrew Caruana

Since the early 1990 Microsoft products have become part of every domain. However, few are capable of unlocking their power and magic.  Within the Office Solutions Development module, STC Higher Education students explore this and work towards becoming masters of the Microsoft Office Suite, mainly Word, Excel, and Access.  Within the module, after underlining the main characteristics of application software and End-user software development, students are introduced to more advanced features including Macros and VBA programming.  This gives students incredible capabilities to turn repetitive laborious tasks into automated systems.  Amongst the many advantages, this provides efficiency in the workplace and reduction of human error.  Both academia and the business world alike rely heavily on these products, administration, management, and analytics to mention a few. STC Higher Education, therefore, makes sure that students are adequately prepared for such forms of employment.  Moreover, students are thought how to manipulate data, organise their work and format it in a way they would be proud to put it on their bosses’ desk.  Being such a hands-on subject, Office Solutions Development assesses students through a home assignment.   This presents students with a real-life scenario that brings together the topics delivered during the module’s timeframe in a practical manner.