Cybersecurity Professionals in the Industry

Security threats are a challenge to everyone, not just organisations. Systems need to be resilient to cyberattacks by implementing best industry practices in systems development and configuration. It is just a matter of time until your system is targeted by an attacker or falls victim to some botnet attack. When this happens, you need to be prepared and have the right plan of action in place.

In the past, the security management role was either non-existent or assigned to an IT administrator as an additional task over and above the normal IT operations. Due to the ever-evolving cyber-attacks, security management nowadays requires a dedicated role or even a team within organisations.

This has created a demand in the industry for cybersecurity specialists that varies from Network security to Application security, to Cloud security, and the list goes on depending on the area of expertise required. Having a company that offers online services such as an online store would require security specialisations in web and online services. The same organization might require a security administrator tasked to manage the security of the on-premise and cloud servers including the end users, which would require a different skill set.

Security is no longer a feature that is added to a system after it has been designed and developed, it needs to be taken into consideration throughout the entire development life cycle as this forms an essential part of the formula for a secure system.

The dynamic nature of the security industry requires specialists to be constantly updated with regards to newly emerging threats, to ensure that the best countermeasures and security practices are deployed on the managed systems in a timely manner. The Cybersecurity degree at STC training in collaboration with the University of Wolverhampton, provides you with a strong foundation that tackles the crucial aspects of Cybersecurity to kick off a career in the field.