YouTube – Ranking high in 2020

Since YouTube opened its YPP (Youtube Partnership Programme) doors to the Maltese market in March 2019, local artists and content creators have been busy planning, producing and editing their digital works of art. Ranking as high as possible within relevant video searches is now more important than ever before and one of the most important digital marketing goals.

YouTube enjoyed over 2 billion active monthly users across the globe with an amazing 79% of internet users stating that they have an active YouTube account, making YouTube the second most popular social media network. Each and every single day people watch over 1 billion hours of video content from the platform.

If you want to increase your viewership you need to follow some recommendations that will help your channel and videos rank as high as possible. We are going to share a few tips to improve your organic reach on the platform:

Video description text – A small detail that often gets overlooked. It is recommended to use natural language rather than trying to stuff keywords

Average video duration – YouTube checks for how long people are engaged with your video. The trick is to keep your audience interested throughout the entire duration of the clip by presenting them with relevant content throughout and never dragging on.

Number of videos – never skimp on quality but if you can add quantity to the mix then go for it. YouTube is looking for commitment and if you can convert an idea into a series, then go for it.

Convert into subscribers – if your content is pressing the right buttons you will soon find that your subscribers count is going up, and that is gold according to YouTube as its algorithm will be more likely to show them your videos over something else.